Choosing Up

Choosing Up

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Choosing Up - Poster

Control The Traffic











In the final stages of ‘Choosing Up’ which has been Produced, Directed and Written by myself with fantastic work from the cast and crew involved. Choosing Up is an interactive choice film where you, the audience, make to vital choices that affects the outcome of the story. Filmed on a Hero3+ GoPro Choosing Up takes an immersive first person point o view where you can see this world through the eyes of Kacey. Its ‘premier’ will be at UWS, a showing that will help give any final edit points and some feedback. However, it will be shown at The Arches Glasgow, on the 20th of May.

Under the name Your Move Productions, this will hopefully be the first of many produced next to a line of choice films through a movement across all genres. If you would like to come and see the finished product, please visit the link below to The Arches and book yourself a free ticket and see the work of many others all graduating professionals.


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